iMed for Medical Solutions

Welcome to iMed official Site we are specialized in medical solutions services and management.

Who we are

iMed is a joint stock company was established by group of Professors of Medicine and Biomedical IT, specialized in medical solutions services and management. Its management team has extensive experience in reputable healthcare representing and distributing the products of leading international and multinational manufacturers. For decades of success obtained from the market iMed has developed experience in Imaging Centers, Tele medicine Services, Hospital, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology Research and Life Science fields. iMed provides as a supplier for different software applications to Radiology Imaging Center, Laboratory and Research Equipments, Instruments, Laboratories, Universities, Hospitals, Pharmaceutical and Industrial Companies as well as research Institutes iMed seeks to have a full array of information management systems and information technology solutions, services and consultations, to the health care market and medical education institutions recognized in Egypt and Middle East.


Our mission

Transfer of technology from its sources to its users as well as providing our customers with the best level of service for achieving their scientific goals and/or solving their problems..


Our Objectives

To serve the radiology imaging center, hospital, education, scientific research and its applications in our major field of technical activities for developing man's life Teleradiology & Telemedicine Services. iMed provides consultation services to our prospective client facilities by assisting in the design and implementation of an appropriately scaled radiology solution. Our four step process allows us to evaluate each prospective client's needs and develop a cost effective plan of action.


Our Team


iMed has more than 6 selected professors and consultants of radiology & 15 highly competent radiologists most of them from Radiology Department – Alexandria University.


Within iMed you will discover a friendly environment with more than 8 qualified staff to provide you personal and professional service.

IT Department

One of the critical success factors of iMed Group practice is its robust IT infrastructure. it's a strategic combination of people, processes and technologies that have been refined throughout the decades iMed Group has been in imaging technology business.


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